#prayforladiescode. Just a simple message, but please in this sad time keep the girls in your thoughts, and sent good vibes to the family that has lost a daughter way too soon. EunB was much too young to be gone, so I pray she finds comfort in her new home, and I keep Sojung and Rise in my thoughts. You don’t have to be a fan, but you do have to be a decent person and realize the severity of this accident.

1992 ♡ 2014
Go Eun Bi

2? 3? 5? No it’s 6


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Happy Birthday Ji ♡#Happy27GDay

i’m the best, perioda g-dragon mix for his 26/27th birthday. #HAPPY27GDAY

Chen retrieving the flowers from Jonghyun and getting his bum slapped by MInho

an introduction of red velvet // please do not repost